Our Potential

Argyles underlying goal is to be in the top echelon of Australia’s cattle operations. To achieve this, our team has several developments currently underway and in furtherance of the future. Such proposals project a promising benefit to the company and its stations, reflecting Argyles inordinate potential to advance further in the industry.

Current Projects


Installation of new fencing at Beefwood and Moola Bulla is planned for the upcoming period in order to support increasing carrying capacity and continue improving herd management


Water Development

Additional water development on stations in 2018 is an essential ongoing project. Expectations for the current year are to establish a minimum of 12 new bores across Moola Bulla and Beefwood properties in order to achieve an anticipated increase of at least 9 new water points at each of these stations. The potential of this development could enable an uplift of 1,500 to 3,000 head in carrying capacity for each property, based upon generally accepted pastoral principals. Our objective regarding this project is to achieve an average carrying capacity uplift of 150 Adult Equivalent per water point, resulting in a major increase in the aggregations acquisition value.


Shamrock Irrigation Project

Above all, Argyles singular most significant venture is our current plan for irrigation development at Shamrock Station. Pending finalisation of approvals, this investment decision will open the opportunity to develop Shamrock into a world class finishing depot incorporating a large scale irrigated pasture upon commencement of the irrigation project.