About us

Argyle Cattle Company (“Argyle”) is a privately managed Australian enterprise, specialising in the breeding, backgrounding and finishing of beef cattle. Argyle acquired and operates an aggregation of four vast properties, spanning a total of 1,037,352 hectares of pastoral land in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

The properties were acquired in late 2016 and are comprised of Beefwood Park, Shamrock, Moola Bulla and Mount Amhurst Stations.

Argyle is focussed on the use of technology coupled with the continued development of the aggregation.  Immediately following acquisition, Argyle commenced an investment program including the installation of new water and fencing infrastructure across the aggregation, and the introduction of a significant new bull program acquiring bulls from a number of bull sales and studs across Queensland and Western Australia.

Argyle also has significant investment aspirations to develop an irrigation project on Shamrock Station and is presently working through this process with local community, State and Federal Government representatives.