Our Cattle

“Here at Argyle we are focused on the breeding, backgrounding and finishing of superior beef cattle”


The Argyle herd is predominantly made up of sire lines Red Brahman, Droughtmaster, Jarrah Red and Senepol, creating a well suited cross adaptable to both the properties environmental conditions and various market prospects. Only a selection of our best heifers, based on a combination of health, maturity, size, shape, colour and general body profile, are selected for our breeding program. This ensures that Argyle maintain high quality livestock displaying high fertility, good growth rates, consistency in colour and presentation, solid bone structure, rapid weight gain and are tolerable to property conditions.

Argyle Cattle Co-0441

The productivity of the Argyle herd is reliable in respect to livestock sale weights and annual percentage of sale cattle in contrast to overall herd numbers, comparing competitively to industry standards across northern Australia.